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List of our weekly events as of 01/01/18.

Please check our website at for updates or give us a call at 217-212-9150. 

You can also follow us on our Facebook page at as well to get all the updates.

NEW HOURS: NOON TO 9pm Wednesday through Sunday.

Closed Mondays and Tuesdays



Premium Virtual Reality Experience Come play on our wireless premium VR station.  We have a variety of games to choose from like BEAT SABER! FALLOUT 4, GORN, FANTASTIC BEASTS and JOB SIMULATER to name a few.  Only $10 per ½ hour.  You can also reserve the VR station ahead of time. Just give us a call.



Lightseekers Local Tournament 5pm to 9pm. $5 entry. Lightseekers is a new easy and fun game to learn.  For more information, visit their website at You will need to download and register on the phone companion app as a player, then look for our event.   


Magic the Gathering, Commander 5:30pm to 9pm. Free play! Come play with a great group of folks that love to teach as well as play. We have a full line of Magic the Gathering card game products and supplies in the store.




Magic the Gathering Standard Format 5:30pm -9pm. $5 entry. Guaranteed pack for playing and additional prize support.

Standard Showdown for Guilds of Ravnica Allegiance starts again on 2/7/19 – 4/4/19. Showdown packs will be awarded to the top 6 players plus prize support.




Friday Night Magic!  Magic the Gathering Casual play.  5:30pm -9pm. Free casual play and/or booster draft! $14 entry. FNM Promo Cards given for playing. All formats welcome for free play.


KEYFORGE FRIDAYS: 5:30pm -9pm. FREE PLAY. Come play the newest game Keyforge with us and meet other players. 





REG 2:30pm. Game starts at 3pm. $5 entry.  We are fully sanctioned with Konomi and OTS packs are given for participation. Additional game packs will be given to the top 3 players of Yugioh.  Normal pack prize support will also be given out for Pokemon.


BUDDYFIGHT CARD GAME: 5pm – 9pm.  $5 entry with prize support.  Casual play or tournaments. Great Fun Game! Come learn to play!


Weiss Schwartz card game: 3pm – 9pm. $5 entry.  Every other Saturday. Jan 12th and Jan 26th English format tournament.

Feb 9th at 3pm will be the shop challenge!




Cardfight Vanguard! Tournament. 4pm -9pm. $5 entry. We are fully sanctioned by Bushiroad. Packs and promo cards will be given out as prize support.


Dragon Ball Super: 3pm – 6pm. FREE PLAY or $5 entry for a tournament. Do you love Dragon Ball Z? Then you will love the card game! Come learn and play.