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Please scroll down to see all available information in all catagories.  For questions regarding any event or for party bookings call us at 1-217-212-9150 or 1-217-212-9155.


Monday- Horzions Bridge Commander- Command a starship through the galaxy with 4 to 6 friends in our private bridge area of our event center! Each person will need their laptop.  No downloads needed. Just log into our server and wi-fi and play! Just $5 per person/per hour. If you are not able to play on Mondays, just give us a call.  We would be happy to reserve the space for you and your friends on another day. 

Premium Virtual Reality Experience - Want to experience VR but don't want to invest in a VR set up for your home?  NO PROBLEM!  Come play on our Premium VR station.  We have a variety of games to choose from like Fallout 4, Star Trek Bridge Command and Gorn to name a few.  We will have Skyrim soon!  Only $10 per 1/2 hour, $20 per hour.  You can also reserve the VR station ahead of time. Just give us a call.

TUESDAY- Lightseekers Local Tournament - 5pm to 9pm. $5 entry. Want to play the latest gaming craze?  Lightseekers is hitting the card came industry by storm!  For more information, visit their website at You will need to register online as a player. Then just find our event.  Note DO NOT pay online. You will pay your entry fee at the store. 

Family Board Game Night!- 5pm to 9pm. Bring your friends and family to play a game here. Free play. You can bring your own game to play or you can choose from the many that we have available.  Great fun!  Food concessions available. No outside food or drink please.

WEDNESDAY- Magic the Gathering, Commander 5pm to 9pm. Free play unless a tournament is scheduled. Come play with a great group of folks that love to teach as well has play. We a full line of card came products as well as supplies in the store.

Thursday- Dungons and Dragons Home Brew Store Campaign- 4pm to 9pm. $5 entry. Ran by our very own DM, Eric Stover who has over 30 years of experience with the game.  5th Ed. You can make your own character at 4pm or you can jump right into the fray 5pm with an auto generated character. Each game session is a stand alone adventure!  Food concessions available. No outside food or drink allowed please.

STARTING MAY 10th-June 21st. DOMINARA SHOWDOWN, 5pm-9pm.  4:30 Reg. $5 entry tournament. Showdown packs will be given to top 3. Guaranteed MTG pack for participation.

Friday- Friday Night Magic!  Magic the Gathering Friday Casual Standard play.  Free play unless a tournament is scheduled. 5pm -9pm.

Final Fantasy The Card Game! 5pm - 9pm. Free Play. Come experience the card game based from the Final Fantasy Video game series.  Opus V cards also available for sale in the store.  A teacher will be available for the game as well.

SATURDAY- POKEMON and YUGIOH LOCAL TOURNAMENTS. $5 entry. 3pm to 6pm. We are fully sanctioned with Konomi and OTS packs given for participation and additional Yughioh decks given to the top 3 players of the game. Normal pack prize support will also be given out for Pokemon.

SUNDAY-Cardfight Vanguard! Tournament. $5 entry. 4pm -9pm. We are fully sanctioned by Bushiroad. Pack and promo cards will be given out as prize support.



Most parties can be hosted Monday thru Sunday 10am to 3pm.  Some date will be open for evening parties. Please call for date and time availabilty.  1/2 of your complete package is due at the time of booking. The rest is due on the date of the party.  For all bookings, please call 217-212-9150 or 9155 and ask for Tina Stover. 

Cost-$150 for a 2 to 3 hour basic party package which includes the following:

·      Large space for a party up to 40 people 

·      Custom souvenir mug

·      Tables and seating. Table cloths and themed decorations.

·      The use of a 55 inch TV and retro gaming systems or play movies during your party.

·      Choose from five themes:

·      Standard Birthday (No theme)

·      Harry Potter

·      Star Wars

·      Star Trek

.      Doctor Who

Party Pleasing Extras

  • Party Platter consisting of 15 mini subs for $35 or 30 mini subs - $60.
  • All you can eat food and drink package which includes drinks, nachos & cheese, hot pretzels & cheese, cinnamon pretzels and icing, chips and candy -$100.
  • Premium VR experience with staff guide (great for experiencing a wide variety of games with the best available technology) - $50.
  • Horizons Bridge Commander. Teams of 4 to 6 can pilot a star ship and see if they have what it takes to survive in open space!  Requires every player to have a laptop. Only $60.